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Why should you meditate every day?

Written on March 23, 2016   By   in Meditation

From time to time we hear about or meet someone who meditates a lot. These people would no doubt tell you that meditation is good for you, and it helps you to relax, but is there more to it? Should we meditate every day, and how can it help us? I’m going to answer those questions for you now:

Stress reduction

One of the main reasons why many people meditate is to alleviate stress. We live in a stressed out society that is fast-paced, and we’re struggling to keep up. Throw on the demands of everyday life, and you’ll find that many of us are stressed to the hilt. This is where a spot of daily meditation can come in and help. Meditation helps to promote quiet, it helps you to relax and focus on something else. Although it may not alleviate your stress right away, you will find that after a while, it will become a good coping mechanism, and make a real difference to your stress levels.

Your well-being will improve

We all want to feel better about our lives, and ourselves. This is where meditation can and will help. Once you start to feel more relaxed and less stressed, you will then start to have a better sense of well-being. This can only be a good thing as it means that life in general will seem much better, and difficult situations/challenges will be a lot more manageable.

It can reduce your blood pressure

Have your been told that your blood pressure is too high? Or do you suspect that it may be? The fact is that daily meditation can help with this, as it will leave you feeling less stressed, and more relaxed in general. We all know that high blood pressure can lead to a lot of health issues, so it makes sense to do what you can to reduce it. Stay away from too much salt, eat a better diet, and meditate. Your body will thank you for it.

It can help you to slow down

If you find yourself constantly on the go, wanting to simply slow down, then meditation may be perfect for you. These days we all rush about trying to do things quicker than we ever have before. The fact is that this way of living is no good for us, and it can take its toll on our health. Meditation can help you to slow, even if it’s just for a few minutes every day. The impact of meditating for just 5 minutes for example, can help you to steady your pace a bit more, rather than rushing to get everything done. Yes, you may have a lot to do, but first, meditate, slow down those thoughts, and you’ll soon find that life isn’t about rushing about, it’s about experiencing things and and enjoying all that there is to offer.

Meditation can help all of us change our lives for the better. From stress reduction, to a clearer mind, and a better sense of well-being, it’s no wonder more and more people are turning to this ancient practice to help them live a better life.

3 Foods Everyone Should Eat

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We all want to enjoy a healthy balanced diet, but how can we make sure we’re getting the most from our food? How can we enjoy eating foods that are very good for us, without compromising on taste? It’s simple, all you have to do is eat some super foods that are jam-packed with nutrients, and are hugely beneficial. Below you will find 3 foods that everyone should eat as often as they can


In addition to being very tasty and hugely versatile, blueberries are incredibly good for you. Not only are they high in vitamin C, but they also contain many other nutrients that are thought to contain a lot of health-boosting properties. Incredibly, blueberries can help to prevent memory loss in the elderly, and even blindness, thanks to the antioxidants they contain. But this isn’t all they are known for, this delicious berry is also great at helping to prevent urinary tract infections, which help to prevent the bacteria associated with U.T.I’s from sticking to the wall of the urinary tract.

As you can see, blueberries are incredibly good for you, and they are perfect for enjoying as a snack, in your juices or smoothies, or even sprinkled on top of your cereal.


We’ve all seen that lovable cartoon character who eats a can of spinach and suddenly has huge muscles. Although in reality, spinach doesn’t work to boost your muscles like this, it can have a hugely beneficial effect. Spinach not only increases your body’s iron content, but it also helps to boost your immune system too. This means that if you consume some spinach on a daily basis, you will be less likely to suffer from colds and other conditions.

Now, back to the iron. We all saw that lovable cartoon character eating a lot of spinach, and it was this that made his muscles grow big and strong. The reason the cartoon character became as strong as he did, is because studies had shown that spinach contained an awful lot of iron. People were encouraged to eat it because it was thought to be incredibly good at increasing the power in your muscles. Unfortunately, when a scientist was working out how much iron was contained in spinach, they got the decimal point in the wrong place. Let’s say for example that 100 grams of spinach contains roughly 2.70 mg of iron, the scientist who originally worked this out came to the conclusion that it actually contained 27.0 mg of iron. Unfortunately, you would have to eat 1 KG of spinach to get that much iron. Nevertheless, spinach is still remarkably good for you, and is considered to be one of natures super foods.

Enjoy spinach raw in salads, add it to lasagne’s, or even your juices and smoothies.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is quite simply one of the best foods you can eat. Although we don’t exactly place it on our plates and eat it using a knife and fork, we do consume millions of litres of it every year. Used in cooking, olive oil is thought to be a lot healthier than other oil alternatives, as it contains less saturated fat. But this isn’t the only reason why you should have more olive oil in your diet. Incredibly, this naturally occurring oil can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, while also ensuring your cholesterol stays low.

If that wasn’t enough, this pleasant tasting oil also works to improve your bone mineralization, and those with osteoporosis, will understand how important this is.

Use olive oil when making salads, use it as a dip, and in cooking, so you too benefit from all that this wonderful oil has to offer.

Enjoy the above foods every day, and you will soon feel better, and more likely to be given a clean bill of heath.